I was raised in the South and came to Christ at a young age.  Since then I’ve spent the past 30 years as a pastor, 20 of those leading a church plant in the Cincinnati area.  Having seen the impact of a new work, I’m thrilled to learn of anyone who’s willing to shine for Christ in the New England states.  Yes, the ground is hard but the Gospel is powerful, so it’s my joy to pray and financially support the passion and burden of those who have stepped up to lift up Christ in that part of our country!

-Brad Bigney
Senior Pastor, Grace Fellowship Church
Author of Gospel Treason


One of my consuming passions has been to see the planting of Christ centered churches in the under served areas of our nation. What better place to join this movement than the northeastern region of our nation. Pray about your involvement in Vermont and New England and be a part of where lots of God’s activity began. I’m in!

-Johnny Hunt
Senior Pastor, FBC Woodstock, GA
Author of Building Your Leadership Resume


In ministry, there are always causes you can give to; it seems like everybody is seeking support of some kind. That’s why we have to be sure we give to what is truly making a difference and being effective for the gospel sake. That’s why we give to Vermont Church Planting. If you want to plant a church in New England, or support work in this region, these guys are getting it done like nobody else!”

-Paul Shepherd

Pastor, Grace Baptist Church

Whitehall, NY


Vermont is one of the most picturesque states. The one sight greater than Vermont scenery is church planters sharing the love of God with the people of Vermont. It is a joy and a privilege to work alongside of some of God’s choicest servant to impact Vermont for Christ. They are building God’s kingdom in Vermont.

-Bobby Bragg,  Ed. D.

Broadmoor Baptist Church

Madison, MS