Merriam-Webster defines an apprentice as “a person who learns a job or skill by working for a fixed period of time for someone who is very good at that job or skill.” A VTCP Apprenticeship places you in a church planting environment working alongside an experienced church planter for one year where you’ll receive real world on the job training. You’ll be involved in…

  • A personalized growth plan based on your assessment.

  • Weekly mentoring sessions with a church planter.

  • Leadership meetings with the church planting team.

  • Hands on ministry experience in the church and community.

  • Monthly group coaching sessions with apprentices from across VT. At the end of this one year apprenticeship, our goal is to send you out with a team to lead your own church plant.


Monthly group coaching sessions utilize the Multiply Group’s church planter training and focus on the following twelve church planting competencies:

  1. Character- master the discipline of leading yourself.

  2. Calling- identify and confirm a passionate sense of calling.

  3. Missional Engagement- understand the makeup of your community.

  4. Vision- cast a clear and compelling vision.

  5. Faith- lead with a bold faith that takes prayerful risks.

  6. Values- evaluate your values and integrate them into the DNA of your church.

  7. Fundraising- effectively raise and manage money.

  8. Disciple-making- intentionally make disciples who make disciples.

  9. Systems & Structure- develop measurable systems and structure to support the vision.

  10. Team Building- empower key leaders to execute the vision.

  11. Communication- communicate for kingdom impact.

  12. Multiplication- create a culture of multiplication.


If you’re interested in connecting with one of our churches about a church planting apprenticeships, contact us.

*Each apprentice will receive a $1,000 monthly stipend from VTCP. We also recommend finding a part time job to provide additional income and connect with the community.

Vermont Church Planting exists to move church planters forward in engaging communities throughout Vermont with the gospel.
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